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Step Up To Our Plate

Swing Some Wings at Hooters This Baseball Season!

There is no better place to catch all the baseball games than at Hooters! All Tampa Bay locations offer Bud & Bud Light Big Daddy Mugs for only $3.50 during Rays games. Make it a home run and join us at a Rays Watch Party! Hosted by the official Rays Radio pre-and-post-game show, they give out great Rays & Hooters swag all throughout the game. First up is Monday, April 17th 11:00am at 4th St. Hooters as the Rays take on the Red Sox. Stay tuned for future dates & times all season long.

Chicagoland Hooters locations are the Official Road Game restaurants of the Chicago White Sox!  Visit your local Hooters for beer specials during the season.

Wings for the Kids

Eat Wings for the Kids Every Tuesday in February at Chicagoland Hooters!

Eat Wings Every TuesdayEvery Tuesday during the month of February, Hooters will donate 1/3 of the proceeds from the sale of our Nearly World Famous Chicken Wings to Holy Family Lutheran School.

Eat Wings for the Kids every Tuesday at a Chicago area Hooters* and earn “extra credit” for doing your part to ensure a quality education for all of our children.

Holy Family Lutheran School (HFLS) was founded 25 years ago to provide the opportunity for minority kids in Chicago’s low-income neighborhoods to get a first-class education.

At-risk children need a strong academic foundation, and more. Holy Family provides more by focusing on the academic, social, emotional, and spiritual development of students.

Visit for more information.

*Only available at Chicagoland Hooters locations operated by Hooters, Inc.

Watch the Rays Play at Hooters!

Hooters Beer Specials during all Rays Games

There is no better place to catch the Rays on their quest to get to the World Series this season than at Hooters! During all Rays Games, enjoy Bud & Bud Light Big Daddy Mugs for only $3.50!  Coming with the gang? We also feature Bud & Bud Light MacDaddy Vessels for the special price of $11.99.

Make it a homerun and join us at a Rays Watch Party at various Hooters locations throughout the season. Hosted by the official Rays Radio pre and post game show, they will give out great Rays & Hooters swag all through out the game. Keep checking back to see when they will be at a Hooters near you!

April 9th at Kansas City – 4th St Hooters (Game time 2:10pm)

April 30th at Boston – Tyrone Hooters (Game time 7:10pm)

May 4th at Yankees – Port Richey Hooters (Game time 1:05pm)

May 28th at Toronto – North Tampa Hooters (Game time 7:07pm)

June 14th at Houston – Tyrone Hooters (Game time 4:10pm)

July 2nd at Yankees – South Tampa Hooters (Game time 1:07pm)

July 23rd at St Louis – Clearwater Hooters

August 13th at Texas – South Tampa Hooters

September 10th at Yankees – 4th St. Hooters (Game time 7:05pm)

September 24th at Boston – Tyrone Hooters (Game time 7:10pm)


Watch the White Sox Play at Hooters

Hooters Beer Specials during all Sox Games

Hooters is the Official Road Game Restaurant of the Chicago White Sox yet again this season!  And there is definitely no better place to catch the Sox on their quest to get to the World Series than at Hooters! During all Sox away games, enjoy Miller Lite Pitchers for discounted prices.

Don’t miss an inning- HDTVs, Hooters Girls, Wings, and Cold Beer- it’s a homerun!

Keep checking back for updated specials and giveaways during the season.

World Chicken Wing Eating Championship is Back

It’s Back! The second annual World Chicken Wing Eating Championship will be held once again on July 25, 2013 at The ORIGINAL Hooters in Clearwater!  Don’t miss the superstars of Major League Eating as they compete for the crown of the Official World Wing Eating Champion. The stakes are higher than ever before as reigning wing-eating champ Joey Chestnut will attempt to defend his title against two female competitive eating sensations: Miki Sudo and Michelle Lesco; both of which bested Chestnut in a rib-eating contest in Chicago, Ill., earlier this year.

The party kicks off at 6pm featuring live music by The Black Honkeys, ice cold Budweiser, and plenty of the World Famous Hooters Girls.  Don’t miss the eaters face-off at 7pm and find out who will take the championship!

Hooters will crown the Hooters World Wide Wing-Eating Champion as part of a weekend celebration in advance of National Chicken Wing Day on Monday, July 29. In honor of the holiday, Hooters locations across the country will offer an all-you-can-eat chicken wing deal to challenge wing-eating enthusiasts across the country to collectively consume one million chicken wings in one day.

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