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Boneless is BACK. 10 Wings & Fries for only $7.99

It’s the GO Boneless with the Most-est!

Hi there, Boneless Wings Fans! Guess what’s back and better than ever? The Go Boneless deal at participating Hooters locations!* That’s 10 delicious, golden-battered and deep-fried boneless wings made out of 100% white chicken breast with a side of your choice of Hooters’ classic Curley (Q) Fries or our tasty lil’ Tater Tots for, hold your applause until the end, please, the ridiculously great price of only $7.99!*

And now, get double the boneless for $15.49.  That’s right, 20 boneless wings & fries or tots is now available!

*Special price is $11.99 or $22.99 at Manhattan (NYC) location.

The Original Hooters is open (all over again).

Clearwater, FL – The New Original Hooters in Clearwater will open at 11 AM Monday, February 13, after a full-scale remodeling of the 28-year-old location.

The Hooters at 2800 Gulf to Bay Blvd. is the restaurant that in 1983 launched the brand that now boasts more than 480 locations in 44 states and 27 countries.

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Wings for the Children

Every Tuesday during the month of February, Hooters will donate 1/3 of the proceeds from the sale of our world famous chicken wings to Holy Family School.
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The Original Hooters is getting a total makeover.

All good things come to an end. Fortunately, they can begin again, and pretty quickly. The Original Hooters of Clearwater, Florida you know and love has shut its doors, but no worries: It will reopen in February.

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You don’t have to shoot a birdie to enjoy wings.

Casual golf fan? Golf fanatic? Absolutely bonkers for golf? Don’t enjoy golf at all, but love great weather and beautiful scenery? You should hang out at the Hooters Owl’s Nest during the Transitions Championship. At the Owl’s Nest, there’s sure to be tasty Hooters chicken wings, ice cold beer, and, your favorite, Hooters Girls.

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