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National Chicken Wing Day

On National Chicken Wing Day, head to Hooters for Life, Liberty & the pursuit of 1,000,000 chicken wings. Tampa Bay, Chicagoland, and NYC Hooters will offer our Nearly World Famous Wings for a Nearly World Famous price on Wednesday, July 29th!

20 Traditional Wings for $14.99
20 Boneless Wings for $12.99

It’s your right and your duty as an American. Get to your local Hooters and celebrate National Chicken Wing Day. The right way!

*Offer and price may vary by location outside of Tampa Bay, Chicagoland, and NYC. Dine in only. No sharing. Not valid with any other offer. See stores for more details.

World Wing Eating Championship

It’s Back! The 4th annual World Chicken Wing Eating Championship will be held once again on July 25, 2015 on Clearwater Beach! Don’t miss the superstars of Major League Eating as they compete for the crown of the Official World Wing Eating Champion. The stakes are higher than ever before as reigning wing-eating champ Joey Chestnut will attempt to defend his title against Matt Stonie, who bested Chestnut at the Nathan’s event on July 4th!

The party kicks off at 1pm at the Pier 60 Pavilion, directly across the street from Clearwater Beach Hooters. Don’t miss the eaters face-off at 2pm and find out who will take the championship!

Hooters will crown the Hooters World Wide Wing-Eating Champion as part of a weekend celebration in advance of National Chicken Wing Day on Wednesday, July 29. In honor of the holiday, Hooters locations across the country will offer various chicken wing promotions to collectively consume one million chicken wings in one day.